Thanks to a wonderful presentation by Hannah Hildmann of Sport Innovations a few years ago Jaz Creek decided to invest in and represent the “Impulse Line” of magnetic/massage products.  The blanket, leg wraps, and hoof pad have been invaluable to our rehabilitation business!  The blanket is the easiest I have found to use, with simple set-up, easy charging, and lots of useful information sent over from Hannah.

Here is some general information from Sport Innovations regarding the products:

All life’s processes, especially the metabolism of the individual cells are mainly based on electromagnetic energy.
The frequent occurrence of horses suffering from back and muscle injuries, which could not be fully treated by traditional veterinary medicine is not an unknown scenario. In the end, many of these injured horses could be cured: with a device that just looks like a regular horse blanket. For many this is magic, some think of it as hocus-pocus, all search for the hidden trick, and for the secret of its success.
The secret is no secret – it is pulsed magnetic field therapy.
The pulsating magnetic fields penetrate the body’s cells deeper than static magnets, therefore increasing the body’s metabolism and regenerative processes.
Static magnets are not much stronger than the earth’s magnetism (measured in nT, nanotesla), in order to have stronger depth penetration, magnets are required that have intensities measured in millitesla (mT).

The “Impulse Line” blanket has intensity settings from 1-5 mT, as well as frequency settings 1-50 Hz (recommendations for treatment settings is below 20 Hz).
Due to “Impulse Line” generating stronger magnetic waves, the body’s metabolism, oxygen supply and regenerative functions are increased. Experiences with magnetic field therapy, especially with sport horses show that magnotherapy supplements traditional equine medicine in a less aggressive, more natural way.

In my experience the blanket leaves horses feeling less muscle soreness and more “warmed-up”.  Additionally, when used on colicking horses I have found that they become more comfortable during usage, and every horse I have used the product on really enjoys it.  The hoof pad has gotten many horses through weeks of showing on hard ground and for our rehab horses has improved hoof quality according to farriers and helped comfort levels.