Jaz Creek proudly breeds a few horses each year for sale and for our clients.  Because our operation is small we are able to give mares and foals round the clock care and handling.  We proudly offer foals and young horses that have been well handled and are polite for the farrier, vet, and owners.  Our broodmare management and foal boarding services are a cornerstone of our business.

Our Broodmares

Jaz Creek loves our broodmares and we think you will too!  We have access to some amazing girls who lend performance, pedigree, and beauty to their offspring.  Our girls have been carefully selected because we believe they will be able to produce offspring with specific goals in mind, be it as a high performance hunter or upper division jumper.


Our Broodmares

Sale Horses

Jaz Creek proudly offers several foals and young horses for sale.


Our Sale Horses