We are proud to announce two new foals born at Jaz Creek last week!  On March 29 Funny gave birth to her Menai Mister Mostyn pony colt, Turbo (a.k.a. That’s Funny)!  It was a very quick delivery at 8:40 pm and Turbo was up quickly, nursing away.  Funny is a great mom and they have been out enjoying the unsettled weather since he was born!  We hope this flashy pony will be a future star.

Turbo at 24 hours old



Turbo at two weeks







The very next evening Layla gave birth to a healthy colt by Landkoenig at 7:45 pm (Thanks girls for not getting me out of bed at 2 am this year!).  This is Layla’s first foal and the delivery was pretty smooth as soon as his very long legs got straightened out so his shoulders could fit.  “Louis” was up and cantering around his stall very quickly but Layla was a little tentative about nursing… Once she figured it out they were off and running.  Louis is all legs and very coordinated… we can’t wait to see him grow up!

We will post new pictures and video soon!

Louis- 20 minutes old